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Rebozos Taqueria is a family-owned business established in the City of Toronto. Indalecio Marroquin and his wife, Teresa Medina opened the restaurant at 126 Rogers Rd., five years after they moved to Canada from Mexico City in 1997.

Indalecio, a professional accountant who always enjoyed preparing food, followed his passion for cooking the Mexican dishes that he and his wife had been missing after moving to Toronto. Back then, real Mexican food was not easy to find, so Indalecio took it on his own hands to prepare dishes for friends at family gatherings, always receiving great feedback on the taste of his food. 


Rebozos Taqueria was born in November 2004.  Since then, Indalecio has been preparing signature dishes of authentic Mexican cuisine to please the palates of everyone.


In 2016, Rebozos expanded  with a food truck to bring their food to other areas of the city. Rebozos Truck brings the colours and flavours of Mexico to events, festivals, and private and corporate caterings.   


Rebozos Taqueria has been preferred by many since its inception. And this may be due to the classic flavours of its "homemade" food, which brings a certain warmth and homely feeling to those who taste its dishes, from the most classic: carnitas, chicken and beef tacos to enchiladas and pozole.


Putting heart and soul into cooking Mexican Food has resulted in Rebozos Taqueria’s food being recognized for its quality and unique flavours, as well as its “beef tongue taco”, which won the title of “Best Taco of Toronto” for the well-known Food Wars show of the CMT Network, in the Taco Wars category.

If your taste is more inclined towards soups such as pozole (hominy corn soup with pork) or birria (beef meat soup with chili and spices), which warm the palate with the richest and most diverse flavours; or if your taste goes more towards the popular tacos or enchiladas, your perfect gastronomic alternative will always be Rebozos Taqueria, a restaurant that through arduous effort, quality service and a menu faithful to its tradition, has managed to maintain itself in the preference of Toronto throughout the years.

Our Story

our vision

That people recognize the influence and value of Mexican culture through its food in Toronto.

our mission

That people experience the real flavours of Mexican food and that they are able to recognize and celebrate mexican culture in each bite.

Our Vision
Our Mission
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